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        About The Christian Perspective
The Christian Perspective (TCP) is intended to be a benchmark in Christian ideals. The owner is a longtime Christian and an ordained minister with a determination to present the Word of God to as many as will hear. This will be done by way of the paper production, books and speaking engagements. 

The owner’s hand at writing is experienced. He wrote and edited a newsletter for a local House of God in the Baltimore area, has written many essays, has one published book and another soon to be published and is currently working to grow TCP from the present newsletter format into the monthly production which is his heart. The owner’s determination makes certain that this production will succeed. 

With this there is much to say about the owner of TCP. Elder William James Carter, The 1st was destined to make an impact concerning the Word of God from the time of his birth. He was born to the late Robert Edward Carter and the late Thelma Estelle Carter in Baltimore, MD where he was named after his maternal grandfather, the late Rev. William James Smith who was the pastor of a small Baptist church in west Baltimore. 
Although he was raised in church the realization of salvation did not come to William until his seventeenth year. He soon learned that accepting Christ and living for Christ were two different things. It was late in the year 1981 when action was taken upon that realization under the spiritual guidance of Dr. Wayne E. Anderson, overseer of the City of Refuge Christian Churches International. 

It was during these crucial years in Hawaii that the reality of Christianity was made the center of significance to William. For the first time the importance of study and a true relationship with God was realized and implemented into his life. Likewise working in ministry was instrumental to spiritual growth and grooming for future endeavors. William served as an usher, choir member, parking lot attendant, van driver and a host of other duties. Outside the church William started Bible study groups in the barracks which helped grow the church. Bible studies were also held aboard the USS Belleau Wood while on deployment in the Western Pacific. Additionally Carter studied to become a Christian counselor while serving in the City of Refuge Christian Church of Hawaii. This study earned him three certificates of Christian counsel which allowed him to aid in the spiritual growth of new Christians. The act of counseling the babes in Christ kept Carter in the Word of God. 

After relocating to Baltimore in the 1990’s Carter found himself under the spiritual guidance of Bishop Johnny C. Carrington, Sr. overseer of the Springs of Refreshing Fellowship of Churches. Under his tutelage Carter became church administrator and later ordained and licensed as minister. He then went on to serve as church administrator at the City of Refuge Christian Church of Virginia Beach and Freshwater Christian Fellowship in Fort Smith, AR. It was while in Fort Smith that Minister Carter was ordained as Elder Carter by the late Pastor William Riley. More recently Elder Carter’s return to the Baltimore area has allowed him to once again serve with Bishop Carrington as an associate pastor with the Springs of Refreshing Fellowship of Churches. 

But think not that all the Elder did was work in the church. He did but also took time to attend college where he has earned four college degrees, two of which are seminary level degrees in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministries from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. It is with this experience that Elder Carter will continue to build TCP into a business that addresses the spiritual needs of the people by using frank discussion in print and with teaching and preaching. 

Christianity is being attacked today in every front but TCP will not give in to political convenience. While it is not the intent of the company to be embroiled in controversies the very nature of the subject matters addressed will cause some to count the work as one of controversy. Still the overall goal is to reach Christians, Christian businesses and other business that have need of being strengthened by way of seminars that address issues such as cultural diversity and work ethics. 

Working to Resore a Nation back to God!
Working to Restore a nation Back to God!
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