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"Down the Via Dolorosa" was a message preached to a local body in Fort Smith Arkansas that examines some aspects of Christ as He traveled toward Golgotha. The picture is far from pretty but the end of His road was met up with victory not only for Him but also Christians from that time forward. The picture of Christ on a difficult path is a type of the Christian walk. There will be no easy walk but this is not a surety of failure. In fact, the hard walk is a sign of a victorious end. So, as Christ traveled the way of sorrows so must the Christian take up his cross. This said, there is but one thing to keep in mind. While the road may seem rough, and it is, perseverance guarantees victory!

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Academia: Through the Eyes of a Preacher contains a number of research papers completed by Elder William James Carter. The works are presented in their raw, unedited form as submitted to Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary so that readers may learn from the writing errors. These essays presented with minor mistakes included should serve not only to aid in the improvement of student writing but the many references mentioned in the work may help guide academic studies.

Academia: Through the Eyes of a Preacher is intended to be an excellent source for sermon preparations as well as furthering other religious studies—a one-of-a-kind resource to aid students, pastors, lay members, etc. Purchase your copy direct from Westbow at and get one for the preacher friend as well. 

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Just in case you did not know the Elder is available for that special engagement. It does not matter if you need a guest speaker for that church event, lecturer for the business or a revival. Elder Carter will gladly help you and your people grow as he uses every opportunity to present the truths of the Word of God without compromise. And, business out not to worry, he will not bring an offering plate but will present the lecture or seminar on racism, ethics or the like in such a way as to engage the people to the benefit of all concerned. So, go ahead and contact him and let us all grow together.